Up To You Studios offers a variety of services. The studio is primarily designed for podcasting, but has also proved extremely effective in vocal and instrument recording.

Podcast Services:

Podcast recording

  1. Up to 4 Microphones

iTunes Submission

  1. We can help you get your podcast up and running


  1. We can host your podcast on our site. This will allow you to have up to 50 episodes available to your subscribers through an RSS feed


  1. whether you want to make segments or you want to record “as live” we can assist you.

On location recording

  1. With our equipment we can make your podcast mobile.

Video Services:


  1. If you have a project you need to record, we can help! We have a Canon XL2 camcorder, multiple lenses, and a Manfrotto fluid head tripod to make sure your project gets done right.


  1. Using our 8 Core Mac Pro computer and Final Cut Pro Studio we can edit your video.


  1. That stack of tapes isn’t going to convert itself. Bring it to us and make sure it makes it to a hard drive or dvd before it is too late.